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Is your best friend becoming your worst enemy?

Dog Training in 

Greensboro, North Carolina

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Welcome to
Dogs Anonymous!

My goal when I created this company was to have an alternative to the mass-production dog-training model so popular currently with large retail outlets. That’s why I advocate personalized one-on-one training with the owners and their dogs. In my experience, this has been the only way to make the behaviors and training for my clients’ dogs last: Get the owners involved with the training right from the start!

If you've having problems with YOUR best friend, contact me for a consultation to get you and your pal back on track!

Our Philosophy

I am not a big believer in “fixing” your dog, and bringing the end result back to you. This type of training only benefits the trainer and (temporarily) the dog. Showing the owners how to install the behavior cues, and how the training is done right from the start gives them the power to deal with future problems and turns my clients into dog trainers in their own right!

Training Videos
Instructional Videos
The Results! 

   New Book

As a single mom, you know how difficult time management can be with work, children, managing a household but when you throw a dog/pup into the equation, chaos can ensue! 

Chris Martin (quickly) walks the single mom through the dog training gauntlet.

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