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Here is what our clients have to say:


"Chris took my two boxer-mix pups for a 5 day live-in session for basic obedience training and some behavior modification. When he brought them back to me and my family I almost didn't recognize them as they were no longer the out-of-control, unfocused pups that I had dropped off 5 days prior! To this day (1 month later), with my wife and myself maintaining the behaviors Chris taught them, they come on cue, sit and focus, and they're even house broken!"

W. Harvey
Greensboro NC


"Chris worked with my anxious golden lab Emma who had had problems in confined places like cars, entry ways into houses, etc. By 3 days time Emma was no longer lodging herself in the floorboard in the back of my car, but was sitting up on the seat and sniffing out of the window! Chris really did a remarkable job!"

C. Calloway
Greensboro NC


"My husband and I had taken our pups to Chris for behavioral training, and he did a remarkable job there. So when we needed someone to care for our guys in-home when we went on vacation, Chris did an even BETTER job. Finding someone to train your dogs responsibly can be difficult, but finding someone who is as reliable and trustworthy as Chris is can be even harder!"

S. Harvery
Greensboro NC


"My wife and I have had Chris walking our dog for almost a year now and he is one of the most responsible people I've ever met. He's always on time, and the times when he has been unable to walk our dog, he lets us know well in advance and sends a very reliable assistant in his place. Highly recommended."

Thomas O.

Greensboro NC


"We contacted Chris to help us with our miniature schnauzer. Our dog would bark and snap at any guests we had in our home. Chris helped us learn how to get Ty under control. He was very knowledgeable about dog behavior. It was both interesting and exciting to see Ty behaving for the first time!"


Lisa H                                                        


"We originally contacted Chris to help our young, very high-energy GSP, Lucy, with loose-leash walking, coming when called and not completely assaulting visitors at the door. These issues have improved tremendously, as well as our knowledge of how to address them. Chris is professional, knowledgeable and personable. We had a great experience all around!"

Lori N                                                   

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