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My First Dog Training Book

Please forgive a bit of shameless self-promoting but I am proud to announce that I have my first book on dog training published. The title? "Dog Training for the Single Mom"

The title is a bit misleading because it is actually not JUST for single mothers as the content is relatable for the everyday dog owner, but I wrote this very brief, succinct little book with the no-time to waste single mother in mind. The link Ive provided is through Barnes and Noble but it is available for purchase through Amazon as well, i just had some difficulty finding it there...dammit.

Anyway, for all those single moms who are trying to maintain order in a hectic household with little to no help, this book is for you, quick to read through, to the point and a chapter that deals with the numerous correlations between child rearing and dog training! Yep! Its a thing!

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