Chris Martin
Owner/lead trainer

Chris first became acquainted with dogs by way of his father who was

an avid bird hunter, and as such kept a number of "bird dogs" on his

property all the time. So growing up with dogs in and out of the house

was a part of growing up for Chris, and his father and mother taught him early on that the dogs they had were family!

After growing up with a bird dog of his own named "Poke" (an English Springer Spaniel) Chris took an interest in the American Pit Bull Terrier and he has had nothing but since, with his two current Pits Boris and Keiko.

Chris is a graduate of Animal Behavior College and has trained under 

the legendary and world renown canine behaviorist Dr Ian Dunbar.

Jay Martin

Jay Martin (no relation) has been an exemplary trainer for decades

and currently has two of his own beautiful, well trained black

German Shepherds, Archer and Loki. 

The thing that impressed me about Jay and the reason i asked 

him if he was interested in becoming a trainer with me was

how well trained his dogs were but also how super friendly

and issue-free they were. 

Jay has been a super addition to Dogs Anonymous and here

are just a few of his credentials through his career:


Owned and trained German Shepherds for 25 years

Titled 3 in Schutzhund
SG Reyna Vom Johnson-Haus Sch III,AD   H.O.T. (Handler owner trained)

Archer Von  Stonehaus Sch III,  B.H.O.T. (Breeder handler owner trained)

Candy Von Stonehaus BH

Competed in The United Schutzhund Clubs of America trials and     competed in Regional Championships

Cofounder of Carolina Hundesport dog club and served as president

I have and still train with Regional, National and World Class trainers and competitors of working dogs.

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